How to earn CPD points for CPD available courses?

- Learners who wish to take courses with CPD units must take note of the following below:

  • Learners must obtain the required certificate upon the completion of the course.
  • Learners must have the CPD Credentials that are applicable to the course.
  • The CPD Credentials will be used to verify if you may earn CPD units. CPD Credentials are your professional information. After finishing a course with CPD units, Coursebank will grant you the CPD units earned upon verification of the CPD Credentials that you have added to your profile. (Your privacy is protected, any information received will not be disclosed and will be used only for verification)

- To add CPD Credentials to your profile, follow the steps below:

  1. At the drop-down menu found on the upper right hand corner of the navigation bar, beside your username, click CPD Credential;
  2. Dropdown
  3. Click Add New Credential;
  4. Add
  5. Select your correct PRC License Type; and
  6. Select
  7. Enter your correct and valid PRC Registration Number.
  8. Enter

- After you have successfully registered the correct and valid information, you may start earning CPD units from Verified Courses you are enrolled in. You may only earn the corresponding CPD Units to your Credential if your enrollment to the course offers a Verified Certificate and the course offers the corresponding CPD Units (indicated at the course's About page).