How to receive your ORA assignment score?

- You receive your score for an open response assessment when you have completed the following steps.

  1. Submitted your response to the question.
  2. Completed the assessment training step (if included).
  3. Performed the required number of peer assessments.
  4. Performed a self-assessment (if included).
  5. Received the required number of peer assessments of your own work.
  6. Received a staff assessment (if included).

If other learners are still assessing your response, you see the following message below the Assess Your Response step:

1. Your Grade: Waiting for Peer Assessment

  • Your response is still undergoing peer assessment. After your peers have assessed your response, you will see their feedback and receive your final grade.

- If you see this message, check back periodically until peer assessments of your work are complete.

2. View Your Score

  • When peer assessment is complete, and if the assignment does not include a staff assessment step, you can see the scores and any comments that you received from peers who assessed your response. You also see the scores from your self assessment.
  • If the assignment included a staff assessment step, you receive your final grade after a member of the course team grades your response. In this case, your score details will include peer assessment scores and comments, but the staff grade becomes your final assignment grade.
  • If you want to, you can provide feedback on the peer scores or comments that you received.