How are peer assessment scores calculated?

- Peer assessments are scored by criteria. The score for each criterion is the median (not the average) of the scores that each peer assessor gave that criterion. For example, if the Ideas criterion in a peer assessment receives 10 from one learner, 9 from a second learner, and 5 from a third learner, the score for that criterion is 9 (the median), not 8 (the average).

Your final score for a peer assessment is the sum of the median scores for all of the criteria.


  • For example, your response might receive the following scores from peer assessors.
  • Criterion Name Peer 1 Peer 2 Peer 3 >Median
    Ideas (out of 10) 10 7 8 8
    Content (out of 10) 7 9 8 8
    Grammar (out of 5) 4 4 5 4
    FINAL SCORE (out of 25) 20
  • When you assess a response, you evaluate the response, and for each criterion, select the option that best describes how well the response met that criterion.

To calculate the final score, the system adds the median score for each criterion:

  • Ideas Median (8 out of 10) + Content Median (8 out of 10) + Grammar Median (4 out of 5) = Final Score (20 out of 25)

Note, again, that your final score is not the median of the scores that each individual peer assessor gave the response. Your final score is the sum of the median scores for all of the criteria.

Note: If a staff grade is provided in the assignment, either because a staff assessment step was included or because a member of the course team graded your response to override inappropriate peer assessments, peer assessments are not used for grading. If a staff grade exists, it is always your final grade.