How do I verify my identity?

1. In order to earn a Verified Certificate, you'll need to verify your identity. This is accomplished by taking a photo of yourself & a photo identification card from your computer or smartphone. For best results:

  • Make sure your face is well lit and fills the picture window in the first image. Optimal camera positioning varies with each computer, but generally the best position for a headshot is approximately 12-18 inches (30-45 centimeters) from the camera, with your head centered relative to the computer screen.
  • Make sure your photo identification card fills the window and your name is visible in the second photo. Generally, the best position for a photo of an ID card is 8-12 inches (20-30 centimeters) from the camera, with the ID card centered relative to the camera.
  • The name on your ID must exactly match the full name you have on your CourseBank account, including being in the same language/alphabet. If needed, you can change the name on your account to match your ID.
  • Do not submit blurry photos. If the image you submit is rejected as unreadable, try moving the camera slightly relative to the room’s main light source, which should be in front of your face or ID card.

2. After you submit your verification photos, you can see your verification status on the right side of your dashboard. Normally, ID verification review takes 2-3 business days. If your photos are denied for any reason, the reason for denial will be listed on your dashboard, and you'll see a button to resubmit your verification photos.

Note: If your computer does not have a camera, CourseBank recommends that you use any other computer to take the images. You may then return to your computer to take the courses.